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Everything important about our races can be found here! If you have any further questions, you can write to us using the contact form.

Registration: Can I reserve a starting place?

Once you have registered, your starting place is reserved for 10 days. In your registration confirmation you will be asked to transfer the entry fee within 10 days. Only with receipt of your payment the starting place is confirmed. If your transfer is not received within this period, the starting place will be released or given to participants from the waiting list.

Registration: From what age may I start?

We have the right class for everyone from the age of 10 or born in 2014. In principle, the year of birth, not the date of birth, is always used to assign the age group.

There are the following classes:

For single starters:

– Women Solo (born 2006 or later)

– Men Solo (born 2006 or later)

– Men Masters Solo (born 1989 or later)

– Men Super Masters Solo (born 1979 or later)

For teams of 2:

– Women Duo (born 2006 or later)

– Men Duo (born 2006 or later)

– Mixed Duo (born 2006 or later)

For e-mountainbikes

– E-Bike Men (born 2006 or later)

– E-Bike Women (born 2006 or later)


– Chili Kids (born 2014 to 2010 – 10 to 14 years)

– Chili Juniors (born between 2007 and 2009 – 15 to 17 years)

Registration: Which routes do the kids and juniors ride?

The Chili Juniors ride all stages as normal. The Chili Kids also start with the prologue. We then prepare one or two safe stages for the kids on each race day.

Registration: The participant limit has been reached - do I still have a chance to get a starting place?

For the individual races of the Chili Enduro Series, there is a participant limit of 520 starters in total. Should the participant limit be reached, this does not necessarily mean that there are no starting places. You can then sign up on the waiting list and get (in order of registration) a starting place if other starting places become available.

Registration: Do I need a license?

No! The race is a tourist event. Holders of an Austrian or Italian license must be aware that the event is not registered with the respective federation of the country.

Registration: Is there a discount for Gravity Card holders?

If you have a Gravity Card, you will get a discount of 30€ for the 3Länder Enduro Race. You pay the regular price at registration, but you will receive a refund of 30€ upon presentation of your Gravity Card at the race number pick-up.

Competition: Is a full-face helmet mandatory?

At the Chili Enduro Series it is mandatory to wear a full face helmet during the entire race. This obligation applies to all timed stages and transfers. In addition, a back protector and/or a backpack with a certified back protector must be worn.

Competition: What protective equipment is mandatory?

Knee or sham leg pads are mandatory on all timed stages. We also strongly recommend wearing elbow pads.

Competition: Do I have to participate in the prologue?

There is no general obligation to participate in the prologue. However, the time of the prologue will be taken into account in the classification. Those who do not participate in the prologue will receive the time of the slowest rider in their class.

Results: How are the duos judged?

In teams of 2, the times of both riders will be determined. However, the time of the SLOWEST rider on the respective stage will always be taken into account.

Results: How does the e-mountainbike race work?

All participants of the E-Mountainbike classification will ride an additional stage (Chil-E-Stage) on Friday, which is adapted to the special challenges of an eMTB. Depending on the location, this is a loop or a trail consisting of technical uphill and downhill. This stage counts towards the overall time of the weekend. Subsequently, the e-mountain bikers also start in the prologue and ride the entire race of the enduro riders on Saturday and Sunday. Those who do not participate in the e-bike stage and / or the prologue can still start the next day. The slowest time plus 30 seconds of the e-bikers in the e-bike stage / in the prologue will be added to the overall time.

Results: What are the technical rules for the e-mountainbikes?

Only pedelecs with a maximum continuous rated power of 250 watts may be used. The motor must be permanently installed in the bike and may accelerate the bike to a maximum of 25 km/h (according to EU motor vehicle regulation EN15194). The power of the motor results only as pedal assistance and may not replace it.

Only the standard pedelec batteries are allowed and additional or modified versions are strictly prohibited. The battery may be changed and charged as often as desired during a race day. The organizer and authorized persons reserve the right to check the pedelecs.

Prizes: What can be won by the winners?

No prize money is paid out in the Chili Enduro Series. Instead, the winners in 1st to 3rd place will receive individually designed trophies and valuable non-cash prizes. Other place winners will also be honored!

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