Unfortunately, the Chili Enduro X Race in Sušice has to be cancelled. Due to a lack of capacity at the Sušice hospital and a resulting safety gap, we had to decide against running the event. We are very sorry to have to cancel the race in Sušice so shortly before the actually planned start of registration. Everything was already organized for a successful start of the Chili Enduro Series, but the safety of the racers has the highest priority for us. Nevertheless, we are confident and have another exciting location in planning. We will communicate this and the associated date in a timely manner.

Local organizers Aleš Hrabý and Ondrej Uher explain the situation and the reason for the cancellation:

“Sušice hospital is a private organization run by city. It has been underfinanced for a long time and the last two city governments were struggling with different business models, even though it was always running as the sole health service in quite large Sušice region. Last year in October we had local elections and a new council was set in November with a big hope for new directions in local policy including the future of our hospital. Unfortunately, just before Christmas the new city council did act very differently from their pre-election claims and doctors and other staff started to resign on their positions and contracts in January. A special public city council meeting to resolve the situation in hospital was held on 18th January including representative of regional government from Pilsen. But despite big expectations the situation escalated and almost all doctors resigned to their positions and the future is very unclear. Practically for us local inhabitants it means that with every even simple injury or problem we have to drive to another hospitals in Klatovy or Strakonice, both app. 40km away. That is the same for urgent cases or issues occurring during a mountainbike race. We hope that the medical care in Sušice will return to normal and that we will soon be able to hold an enduro race.”

The dates for the start of registration for the Chili Enduro Series are are now as listed below:

  • 09th Februay, Enduro X Race Sušice – entfällt
  • 16th February, Chili Enduro Geisskopf
  • 23rd February, Chili 3Länder Enduro Race
  • 02nd March, Chili Enduro tbd
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